Beagle Buddies!

Left to right:
Front row: Nadine with Maya (left) and Astro
Back row: Liz with Alice (left) and Ellie (right), Lexi with Ginger on her lap, Lynn with Deelee, Sharon, dog-free for a moment, and Shawna with Bailey.

Left to right:
Front row: Liz with Alice (left) and Ellie (right), Lynn with Deelee, Shawna with Bailey
Back row: Lexi with Berber (left) and Ginger (on her lap), Nadine with Maya (behind her) and Astro in front, Sharon with Jax.

Same group as the previous photo, just slightly more focused beagles.

Ellie with Liz.

Ellie with Liz again. Don't we look happy together?

Ellie (left) with Astro (front) and Maya (back).

Ellie, Alice and Northrop fall in love with Sharon as she hands out the grapes. Ellie knew Sharon was holding out and waited for the other treats but Alice and Northrop munched happily.

Ellie, Alice, and Northrop jockeying for the best treat-getting position.

Northrop with his dad, Chris's legs.

People: Nadine (left) and Sharon (right) with dogs (left to right) Astro, Berber (top), Maya (bottom front) and Deelee. Bailey is beleived to be lurking in the back.

Liz (left) with Ellie, Lynn with Deelee.

Bailey, perched on her rightful sitting place, the throne.

Please, don't bother the queen as she rests in the shade!

Alice and Ellie on begging duty, as usual.

The begging continued at a frantic pace. Would there be enough treats to fill the bellies of the starving, neglected beagles?

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