Alice and Ellie

Alice was too tired to get up, so mommy Liz picked her up, bed and all.

Nobody knows how to get comfy like Alice.

Alice felt the need to pile her winter blanket, extra dog bed cover, pig pillow and bear into the bed, then sleep on all of it.

Alice's many talents include flying.

Alice has had enough of this flying business, but mommy Andrea wasn't quite finished.

Overhead shot of our newest bundle of beagle joy -- Ellie!

Ever elegant, always dignified. That's Ellie.

Alice, eagerly awaiting dinner.

Overhead view of Alice awake.

Overhead view of Alice sleeping.

Alice's secret life includes countless hours in the sun on the patio.

More footage of the elusive beagle's secret life when her mommies are at work. She was caught because of the Weekend Factor, where mommies do not go to work.

Alice now has the matching hat for her lovely raincoat.

The coat and hat do not interfere with the normal begging process of the indigenous beagle.

Ellie's first night home, Alice shared her Grandma Bed (just one of the 5 beds in her collection) with her new sister.

Nestled down in her bed so far that only a small part of her is showing.
See the beagle buddies get-together.
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